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A Special Home

Today June 1st, 2022, I entered my friend's home. They offered me to stay for a few days while they took a family trip. I am beyond blessed and grateful they are my friends. I feel special because I never saw this coming. You are truly part of my soul tribe. <3 I will never forget this gesture. As I continue to heal and push forward in life like the rest of the world, I have to say that I am understanding my life's purpose and the need to release control. I am becoming my higher self. I am allowing to accept help and speak on truths I have kept inside. I am highly sensitive, and it has not been easy because I have learned some hard lessons for over giving and people pleasing. I am on a journey to have a better relationship with myself and others. I am here sitting on a wooden bench at the kitchen table while listening to meditation music. I am taking deep breaths in from time to time and typing away these thoughts and glancing at the city night mural on the wall with the freeways and cars. The picture really points back to my life because I take different directions. My mind and heart battle a lot. I hope you understand there is more to it when I make decisions and it comes out of the blue. I have not been STILL, always on a constant GO. If you ever get a chance to speak with me, I can share how my jobs and choices have not gone necessarily in one direction. I have also traveled many states and cities. I am not someone who can call a place a home because I am constantly going after goals and new adventures. I am a person who can see all those roads and is willing to take them because I do not fear new horizons. I like to be in a state of FLOW and accept struggles because it's when I GROW the most. I also can then help others through whatever they might be going through because I have words of insights to share. I reflect a lot and I know I have it in me to continue to INSPIRE others. I want NOW others to know the depths of who I am and living as an INFJ. To end this blog of today I want to say Thank you to my soul friends who opened their home to me. Thank you for the Dr. Pepper Cherry and candies at the table. (: My intention is to script letters to my future husband and meditate to envision a place I am buying and letting Jaz decorate for me. Everything will connect and it will all fall in place. Keep pushing like the rest of the world and accept things that cannot be changed. Do not let your thoughts go in a spiral like it does to me.


Breathe in and release control Lily

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