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I am attempting the Slow Living Lifestyle

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I am not doing a thirty-day challenge of me experimenting into the slow living lifestyle. I am just going to mindfully make decisions that will allow for me to breathe and slow down my interactions and activities of the day. I am also going to do less and stop trying do everything on my own. I will gradually build more courage to express my emotions to my close trusted people. I will also ask for help when needed. For example, most family members, friends and colleagues from work would say I am always on the go. I am always getting things done and chasing different goals I have put on myself. Now with Slow Living Lifestyle, I am going to allow myself time for rest, play and expression to seek help so I am not the only one going super Sayan fast. I want to see how much healthier I can be mentally with this approach. In addition, my body has been in survival mode for many years so sometimes when I go burnout mode it takes me longer to recover the motivation back up. I know realistically I want to push my own belief system. This in return will help me learn that slow living has is great benefits just like the fast one I did for the first half of my life. I want to add that one positive habit I have always practiced is that when I am with someone, I put my phone down or completely limit the use. I really have mastered my respect to give attention to the person or the experience. I have shared this with my friends and loved ones. I hardly answer calls and or text individuals. I love my space and I respect others space as well. As I take this slow living lifestyle, I take naps and meditate up to two times a day. I try to remind my brain that there no rush from one task to the other. The to do list on my board, my notebook, my head will still be there tomorrow with the same or new things to check off. I am not racing anyone, and no one is racing me. You see how we are our biggest problem, and we must challenge to evolve in new ways because we truly only have one life to live. I am going to learn more on cooking meals for myself that will fuel my body to give me the right nutrition. I am going make sure I pray before my meals and wash dishes I use so that it brings me to the current moment. I been shopping at healthy stores like Sprouts and Trader Joe's the past months which has helped me so I can taste more unique foods. I am keeping my phone more on silent mode especially after 8pm so I can prepare my mind to rest. I am also enjoying my fruit of the day while sitting somewhere in nature just to feel the breeze or hear the sounds of trees and birds chirping. This is just a little glimpse of the new habits that I been mindfully doing since the beginning of this year and how I am shifting into a Slow Living Lifestyle.

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