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The Surprise Detail in the Cup

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This post is a letter I wrote while staying at my friend's house, which I left for them.

Day 3

Friends, Good Morning. Yay Friday! Today, pay day to pay Bills lol. I woke up at 3:20am and editing my blog to post before I leave. I am listening to Meditation Spa Music on Pandora while enjoying a cup of coffee. Guess what, today I noticed the cup that it has "Lilly" written on it. Oh gosh, the simple things and the timing of revelation. How come the day I selected I didn't see it. Haha, I love it. Choosing things and being surprised at what is the present moment. As an overthinker, I can notice how these days I can think clearly with peace and silence for someone who manages teams' ideas and life. All I want towards the end of the day is quietness and just my soft notebooks, pens and laptop to write the thoughts in my head. Why did God want to give me so much energy lol? I guess he wants me to fulfill a big purpose and I am here crazily trying to. Thanks so much for this experience. If I ever write a book trust that you will be in it. These few days are helping me get my mind clear to set up more manifestations into motion. First thoughts then I write them down then I will start moving and doing, then it will come at its right moment surprisingly like my name on the cup! ( :

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