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What are my top 10 favorite meals

Let's just get this out of the way and post. Now in days people take the picture before they even take the first bite. Well this was not easy, but I want to share some of the basic top 10 favorite meals that I enjoy. Now keep in mind that as I am getting older and I continue to try various new dishes I know I do not just have 10 favorite meals, but that is why you have to get to meet up with me or message me to stay up to the new meals that fill my heart. Plus, I am slowly transitioning to more of a plant based vegan lifestyle. I am not just a baker, I do cook myself meals from time to time. I wouldn't say I am a chef or that I enjoy the kitchen, but I sure like to challenge myself and do a little of everything when it comes to being in the kitchen. I also love to know that I can cook or bake for my friends and family. I also want to add that I enjoy my mom's and my sister's cooking. I am blessed that I have been exposed to many cultures and I enjoy other culture's meals. I have ate Asian, Moroccan, Indian, Thai, Peruvian, Salvadorian, Honduran, Cuban and much more. I am well rounded when it comes to eating a variety of foods. I have even gone down to San Diego to try some Jamaican Food. The soulful appetite is calling me about now just remembering all the plates I have tried.


I am not big on seafood, but I do like shrimp, salmon, grilled fish and fried calamari. I am open to try few other seafood items, but then again I am transitioning to plant based vegan, so we will see.

Top 10 (we all know we have more than 10, right?)

-My Enchiladas Rojas Dulces

-Chile Relleno en Crema

-Pollo en Crema along with Rice with Corn

-Steak, Mashed Potato, Asparagus (A1 Sauce & well done)

-Ceviche Tostada with Tapatio

-Mango Habanero Wings

-Any Soul Food plates

-Avocado Toast with Egg

-Blueberry Pancakes

-Torta de Milanesa

-California Sushi Rolls

-More and

-More foods I have as my favorites!!!

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