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The Healing Shower

The bath was such an experience No lights on Water off once the tub was half full The birds chirping and the sun light coming in from the window While listening to meditation sounds Such Peace for my Soul My eyes closing as I breathe calmly The water moving as I move my body The water at the right temperature I stretch my body and go in more into the water as to float The Healing Shower Marks one of my favorite areas of your home The aromas I smell reminds me of my church days So many days I would go even before work or to Sunday mass No one knew I needed Peace in my mind and safe place to be in Silence I feel Blessed even though I have faced many tribulations The Strength of my Soul comes from God I Love my Soul for not giving up on the Fight I release thoughts that hold me back I want to continue to walk long paths to my Peace The mountains of life and nature adds more energy to me so I can lead with inspiration of perseverance I am here NOW enjoying The Healing Shower It's quiet, I am at Peace in Solitude accepting who I am.

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