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Decision making strategies and risks that can lead to Success

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Have you ever taken a walk to process pros and cons to a decision that has presented to you? Well, try it. This is the first strategy you can try because I do this randomly to feel comfortable with a final decision that some view as a risk. Especially, as I am an entrepreneur you have to see some decisions as risks because you want the best ultimate return to that unique decision. Another strategy to decision making is to do both because then the results will eliminate the one that is least effective. For example, I want to sale two chocolate chip vegan cookies, but one will have walnuts. If I do offer both options and I see that the option that has walnuts sales more than the chocolate chip cookies, then that means I can then only offer the chocolate chip vegan walnut cookies. Some individuals their risk tolerance is low. I want you to ask yourself from 1 to 5 and five being high tolerance to take risk, where do you say you find yourself in the scale. I know for sure I have high risk tolerance in a lot of decisions I make daily, and it even shows on my leadership when managing teams. I have done or do things others see as a little out of the box or pushing the status quo. But honestly, look at our great leaders who stood for change and push forward with innovative things onto us. We need be and aspire to get comfortable with decision strategies and risks so that we can be successful in our own unique way. I want you to expand your mind on how to approach decisions. Take more risks and make bets on yourself because you can have as much influence like me when you truly believe in yourself. Remember even if things do not turn as, you have imagined then at least you can see it as a "try" and re-think a new way. For example, I started having yard sales when in my teen years and also sailing M&M's candies for 75 cents and then I birthed the idea of becoming a cake decorator and making sweets as my first side business. I been successful with my dessert business Lily Sweet Cakes. I have now added sailing custom stickers and getting more into photography of nature and marketing materials. In addition, I am now considering getting a real estate license because I would like to sale 1 to 3 homes, plus a few other things I am not going reveal yet. I want you to understand once you take that risks the possibilities of expansion are endless. I enjoy this journey of being an entrepreneur because I have got better with decision making and more tolerant when things do not go a certain way. The more you diversify the better you can manage the flows of life. If you think about it, I am here sharing pennies of knowledge for you to get inspired into action. I did not wait around for that perfect time to buy things for my businesses. I take walks to bounce as many alternatives as p and scenarios in my head. I act as a true visionary willing to take as many risks as possible to reach success not in one particular fasion.


you are capable just like me, always Believe in Yourself <3

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