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My Daily Routine

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

At the beginning of this year I made some new commitments to myself. I would not say it was New Year Resolutions because most of the things I already had been performing. For example, I've always been into my fitness so doing a daily nature walk and tracking it on the Strava app was going be easy. In my room I have a white board that shows my Daily Non-Negotiables. I put check marks daily to the ones I do get done daily and N/A to the ones that I have skipped. For example, I have not replenished my Women's Multivitamin, therefore you will see N/A. When it comes to your daily routine or to-do lists is always important to do something that works for you and try to be open to new ways of reminding yourself to those commitments to yourself. I would say most of my friends are aware of my white board because I have shared with them as a motivation booster when they mention that they are struggling to get things done. Below I will display my Daily Routine and try to break it down into detail just to give you a glimpse how I been tackling the first half of 2021. By the way I have neglected my Instagram and few other social media platforms because I am laser focused on new projects and I want be an example to others that we need be more present in the NOW and not on scrolling a phone. We have to make each day count for us on personal dreams and growing to new levels.

-Morning Ritual is me typing 3 to 5 "I am grateful..." into my laptop which I am like 52 pages in on a word document

-Stretch for 25min while listening to a positive meditation clip from Insight Timer App

-Read a bible verse and Pray for 15min


-Take a nature walk (sometimes in my community and sometimes I go somewhere different)

-Breakfast tends to be coffee and Cheese Danish (sometimes I do change it up with other breakfast choices)


-Glance at Day Designer Planner and make notes

-Journal one page (at least once a week)


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