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Ileana Giles 

a strong woman and multipotentiality



I am blessed with many talents.

I have kept the vision  on my big dreams always in front of everything even if at times it seemed unreachable or forgotten, so at the age of 31, I am taking the leap  to making more of impact for my community and the world.   I want be of a service to the world by sharing  motivation, sharing light with my intuitive healing abilities and exposing  my ways I  keep the  passion  of being a goal getter alive. I will be  writing a blog, sharing hiking adventures and much more. I will be having meet ups so others can get opportunity to pick my brain, but also so I can hold them accountable. Without a doubt you will be  fired up with my presence and seeking to learn new ways into creativity and becoming multipotentialite. The  meet ups can also be for those seeking guidance in  anything of life matters with my  healing approach or wanting coaching to reach their goals.  



Ileana Giles


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